Ginza Kutani: Media Art Installation
Ginza Tokyo 2005



This newly completed permanent installation incorporates innovative modes of expression to visually fuse space, light, color and sound, conveying Japanfs four seasons through contemporary art. Screened nightly at a Ginza restaurant, this piece is the most significant of my permanently installed media artworks. The contemporary Japanese-style space is designed by interior architect Mizutani Shoichi, and uses the motif of a map of Hokkaido created with optical fiber. Along with the exquisite cuisine, you can enjoy a world where pictures seem to speak out and engage in conversation, with some 100 autumn and winter themed digital pictures becoming animated through the visuals. Take a moment to indulge your five senses at the contemporary Japanese sushi restaurant Ginza Kutani.

Hours: Monday through Saturday

Lunch time: 11:30am to 2:00pm
Dinner time: 5:30pm to 2:00am
Closed every Sunday

Place : Bacement floor1 7-3-9 Ginza Chuoku Tokyo Japan
( on Sotobori Road)

Tel : 03-3573-8030